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Fountain Pen

A Tough Exterior

The case, aside from its thread, is constructed entirely of leather, inside and out. Each part and panel is hand cut, finished, and stitched with the greatest care taken for precision and consistency. The unique box-stitched design gives the case its clean and squared off profile. All panels are raised with an additional layer of leather giving the flat surfaces a distinguished profile. This design feature also imparts significant strength and reinforcement to the case.

Chestnut Pen Case 24_edited.jpg

Traditional linen cable made from the fibres of the flax plant hold the case together. Produced by Fil Au Chinois of France (est. 1847), it is among the finest linen cord available and is known for its rich natural tone that is lacking in modern synthetics. Each and every stitch is precisely hand placed to within fractions of a millimeter so that all stitches coincide at critical points, giving the case its flawless outlines.

What's inside?

The interior features recessed clip slots–intended to prevent wear to the top side of the clips–as well as a removable divider tray that isolates the pens from one another while simultaneously providing remarkable strength under compression. The tray can be removed to clean the case, or simply to display your fine writing instruments.


your case, your way

Leather and threads are offered in a wide range of colors. These can be mixed and matched for the color scheme of your preference. Follow the link below to learn more.

Our cases are designed around the larger fountain pens available on the market with a generous allowance ensuring a comfortable fit for the majority of pens in any given collection. Standard case measurements are provided below noting that overall width dimensions vary depending on case capacity.

Dimensions (mm)

Exterior length
Exterior height
Slot depth
Pen slot cross-section
Clip slot width
Clip slot length

18 × 18

We understand that not all pens and collections are alike. Therefore, we offer our clients the option of custom dimensioning; including, headroom modifications, or lengthening or shortening for unique hardware. Simply describe your special requirements  in the case builder.

Pen Case Dimensions
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